Sungsang Village

Indonesia wants to develop its tourism to the rural level. Some villages have prepared their villages for foreign tourists, one of which is Sungsang Village. Sungsang village wants to build its visual brand identity to introduce itself as a travel destination.

The Brand DNA of Sungsang Village is focused on the authenticity of the culture and history of sea nomads because Sungsang villagers are Malay sea nomads. My scope for this project is brand identity designer and brand researcher.

The Sungsang Village BrandIdentity uses the Djunko font whichwas created specifically for thetypography of the Sungsang Villagebrand identity. This font is designedin a transitional typography style thatwas popular in 17th century Europe.

This stylish typography is in line withthe Breech village brand DNA whichdepicts the maritime glory of themedieval archipelago.